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A systematic and creative approach.

BOOST works with the client to help identify the main pain points and then designs short and long term remedies and solutions to solve the identified issues using a systematic and creative approach. BOOST’s involvement varies with the nature of the situation and the request of the client.

After meeting with the client and agreeing on the scope of the project, a team of specialized consultants starts working with the client's staff. Together they collect facts and data, which they analyze using the latest slice and dice techniques to identify practical solutions.

Achieve the desired benefits

After agreeing on the solutions, they train the client's staff, assist in the implementation and help the client achieve the desired benefits.

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About Boost Training and Consulting

We are a highly dynamic, competent, passionate, fast-growing learning & development organization.

BOOST for Training and Consulting is a highly dynamic, competent, passionate, fast growing learning & development organization providing inspirational, innovative & experiential corporate training solutions, team building activities in addition to professional & youth business events all empowered by qualified internal resources as well as network of affiliated partners. Our solutions are fully customized and designed based on the needs of our clients with the aim of achieving lasting results.

20 Years

We have in depth understanding of the highly competitive rapidly changing market and we are in constant dialogue and consultation with our partners and clients.

We really shine when we work in partnership with our valued clients so that we can design the perfect solution that uniquely fits each. In BOOST we always believe “No One Size Fits All”

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