Business Writing Skills

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Name: Business Writing Skills


Sectors: Interpersonal skills and self development

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22 - 24 Mar 2022 3 Abu Dhabi $2,950 BOOK NOW


This program is being designed and developed to provide the participants with the knowledge and hand-on practice on the Effective Business Writing skills required for better performance of participants at work.


By the end of the Training Program, the participants will be able to:

- Develop and produce effective and clear business correspondence (memos, internal and external letters, instructions, reports, executive summaries).

- Present self and organization professionally in using written communication with internal and external clients.

- Achieve written communication goal by applying effective Business Writing techniques.


Day 01

Effective writing – Building the Base:

- Defining “Effective Writing”

- Components of effective writing:

o Word selection

o Sentence length

o Paragraphs

Writing Styles and process:

o Competitive style

o Cooperative style

o The 5 W’s and H

o Exercise

o Output evaluation

Day 02

Writing Memos and letters:

- Writing Memos (emails).

o Memo characteristics and structure

o Use of memos

o Exercise 1

o Output evaluation

o Exercise 2

o Output evaluation

Introduction to Writing Internal “Email” and External letters:

o Letters characteristics.

o Letters Structure.

o Use of internal and external letters.

o Types of internal and external letters.

o Practical Exercises.

Day 03

Presentation, Contracts, and Instructions:

- Contract characteristics and goals

o Exercise 1 - Reading and analyzing contracts and proposals

o Exercise 2 – Developing contract

o Exercise 3 – Developing proposals

- Steps to write instructions.

- Steps to develop Professional Presentation.

Developing Reports and executive summaries:

- Definition of “report”.

- Types of reports.

- Report Components.

- Report Structure.

- Tools for report planning and development.

- Introduction to executive summaries.

- Types of executives.

- Executive summary structure.

- Exercises.

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