ENNEAGRAM - A Roadmap to Personal Growth

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Name: ENNEAGRAM - A Roadmap to Personal Growth

Code: GL-SD011

Sectors: Self Development

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21 - 25 Mar 2021 5 Live Online Classroom $550 1000 BOOK NOW


Enneagram is one of the most powerful tools in understanding human behavior. At times we get overwhelmed by our train of thought that we don’t realize that there is a strategy we are using in most of our behavior. This strategy we tend to use is created by a pattern of behavior we have when we are under stress and even at in our day to day lives. Enneagram is a unique model highlighting our intrinsic motivation, conflicts, anxieties and self-limiting beliefs.

This model is useful in understanding and getting a road map to of how to overcome those obstacles. This program is a model of the Enneagram that is used for understanding the different personality styles. This model is based on 20 years of working with the Enneagram in multiple environments, including public workshops, primarily with leaders at all levels in organizations across the world. It has been developed to meet the needs of people who value practical approaches to selfdevelopment and personal growth with real-world applications and solidly rooted in logic and reason. In understanding this model, it builds a space for compassion of understanding struggles others can be having that you don’t relate to. This enhances communication between people by understanding the different types and how to communicate with and understand each other.

Understanding this model is useful to help leverage substantial development. This model is a tool in creating awareness of our needs that drive us that we usually are not aware of. At times this drive is the motion that helps us attain our goals, and at times can be the reason why we face challenges. This course will create perspective on how to understand self-behavior, the diversity of different personalities, and people’s different way of communication. This program will enhance communication and cooperation, reduce conflict, and increase appreciation for diversity by exploring the nine personality styles found in the workplace and in life.


This course is designed to increase awareness and understanding the model of the enneagram, which will be delivered in a pragmatic method for applying, discussion, experiential learning, and small group. Attendees will learn the 9 strategies that we tend to use in our day-to-day life and in resolving out issues. In grasping this model attendees will:

  • Give attendees opportunity to assess themselves and others to assess them. They will learn how to receive and give constructive feedback for each personality.
  • Develop a map on where opportunities, obstacles, goals, and how to navigate in exploring, passing, and accomplishing more productively.
  • Develop compassion to others and understanding purpose why behavior and be able to observe different styles of behavior.

Training Methodology

The training course is designed to be interactive and participatory, and includes various learning tools to enable the participants to operate effectively and efficiently in a multifunctional environment. The course will use lectures and presentations, exercises, experiential and exposure to real world problems and policy choices confronting delegates.


Day 01

  • MODULE 1 - This module introduces the Enneagram system - the core of the enneagram psychometric test and dives deeply into a very important dimension of the system that most approaches to the Enneagram do not focus on as they do with the nine strategies.Understanding the instinctual biases is important as understanding the 9 so we are focusing equally on both of them.
    • Enneagram Introduction
    • The 3 Instinctual Biases

Day 02

  • MODULE 1 (Continuation) - This module help you understand the three Instinctual Biases and equips you with tools to leverage their strengths and overcome the liabilities caused by their non-conscious focus of attention.
    • Instinctual Biases Pattern
    • Instinctual Leadership Styles

Day 03

  • MODULE 2 - This module covers the 9 strategies of the Enneagram – the second dimension of the Enneagram System, the module also dive deeply in the dynamics between the different Enneagram dynamics and understanding the behaviors under stress, contradictions, entrenched attitudes, chief assets, blind spots and communication and leadership styles.
    • Creating awareness and developing skills
    • Instinctual Bias

Day 04

  • MODULE 2 (continuation) - The module also provides tools for assessment and for creating change to overcome challenges and achieve objectives during the coaching engagement
    • The 9 Enneagram Strategies
    • Typical behaviors and behaviors under stress

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