ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

About the Course

Name: ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

Code: TQM 116

Sectors: Quality Management

  Date   Days   Venue   Fees
27 Jun - 01 Jul 2022 5 Dubai, UAE $3,950 BOOK NOW
18 - 22 Dec 2022 5 Abu Dhabi, UAE $3,950 BOOK NOW


ISO 22000 Standard defines the requisites relating food safety management systems in every food chain, right from the producers of feed, the basic industry producers to the food producers, retailers, carriers, and catering establishments. The standard comprises of terms relating program of essential prerequisites and the operating programs. In this course, various aspects of food safety management systems will be discussed with real-life examples for better understanding. 


At the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • Learning the purpose of a food safety management systems
  • Getting familiar with the meaning of various food safety management terms
  • Learning how to interpret the requirements of ISO 22000
  • Understanding how to do the implementation

Training Methodology

The training course is designed to be interactive and participatory, and includes various learning tools to enable the participants to operate effectively and efficiently in a multifunctional environment. The course will use lectures and presentations, exercises, experiential and exposure to real world problems and policy choices confronting delegates. 


Day 01

  •  Background to food safety
  • Benefits of ISO 22000 family of standards
  • The ISO 22000 standard principles, requirements and its clauses
  • Certification process
  • Setting effective quality objectives
  • Plan do check act system of working

Day 02

  • The process model
  • Types of audits and conflict of interest
  • Possible solution to food safety challenges
  • Prerequisite programs & preliminary steps
  • Hazard analysis and risk aAssessment
  • Critical control points + FSMS plans

Day 03

  •  Critical limits and monitoring
  • Corrective actions / Non-conforming product
  • Record keeping

Day 04

  •  Validation and verification.
  • Continual improvement
  • Audit activities within ISO 22000

Day 05

  • ISO 22000 implementation action plan
  • Case study

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