Animation Production

BOOST For Animation Production
- we build creativity

It’s not just about beauty-shots and cool effects, you know? Boost’s Media Production offers your more than you can imagine!

We have a complete range of applied expertise in media production

Animation Production Department of “Boost for Training and Consulting” …

Founded in 2015 by a group of diverse people in UAE and Cairo who were eager to be ahead of the curve in this industry.

We blend the objectives of our customers’ needs and our out-of-the-ordinary creative vision to reach the best results-oriented that cuts a different path through Media Production world, We create original concepts, implement across the board and also gather our creative prowess to deliver top-notch creative quality that works for you.

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video production brilliant multimedia

Creates brilliant multimedia presentations that will captivate your audience, delivering your message persuasively. Our creative team of production experts combines the best in copywriting, scriptwriting, digital graphics, photography, videography, video editing, voice-overs and music, and much more to create attention-grabbing, riveting productions.

We help you capitalize on beautifully designed videos and stand out from the crowd.

TOP-NOTCH Creative Quality Out-of-the-ordinary creative vision

3D/2D Video production - Commercial Videos - Live Videos - Infographics and Toons - Voice over

Production begins. crew members work together

  • Like gears in a well-oiled machine,
  • The talent brings the script to life, The director keeps an eye on vision and creativity.
  • The producer ensures success, tracking time and budget. Excellence ensues!

we brainstorm to solve problems

This is the who, what, when, where and why of your Project.

Magic happens. A rough cut becomes your vision with excellence in editing, motion graphics, and color grading.

Music joins the audio mix and ties everything together.

The project is complete, your message is live, and your audience is captivated!