ISO 28590: 2017 – Lead Auditor

About the Course

Name: ISO 28590: 2017 – Lead Auditor

Code: TQM 119

Sectors: Quality Management

  Date   Days   Venue   Fees
12 - 16 Jun 2022 5 Dubai, UAE $3,950 BOOK NOW
16 - 20 Oct 2022 5 Live Online Classroom $1,550 BOOK NOW
06 - 10 Nov 2022 5 Cairo, Egypt $3,950 BOOK NOW


An acceptance sampling method allows for continuous control of the quality of products. It is a statistical procedure, used in quality control, which involves testing a batch of samples to determine if the proportion of units having a particular attribute exceeds a given percentage, and are thereby accepted or rejected. This course training course is designed to provide participants with an introduction of Acceptance Sampling and the standards of ISO 28590:2017 and ISO 3951. This course will cover topics such as aim of sampling inspection, the ISO 2859 series, and concepts relative to ISO 3951.


At the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the ISO 28590:2017 and ISO 3951 standards
  • Learn the statistical bases necessary to understand sampling
  • Interpret an efficiency curve to assess the quality of a sample
  • Know all control strategies - including the most modern
  • Define an optimal sampling control strategy

Training Methodology

This training course is designed to be interactive and participatory, and includes various learning tools to enable the participants to function effectively and efficiently. The course will use presentations and facilitation by the trainer, group exercises, roundtable discussions, video clips, case studies and debriefing.


Day 01

  • Introduction to ISO 28590:2017 and ISO 3851
  • General Introduction to Acceptance Inspection
  • Aim of Sampling Inspection
  • Acceptance Sampling
  • Other inspection Practices
  • Statistical Sampling
  • Ad Hoc Sampling
  • 100% Inspection
  • Concepts of AQL and LQ

Day 02

  • The ISO 2859 Series
  • ISO 2859-1 Sampling Schemes indexed by AQL for lot-by-lot inspection
  • ISO 2859-2 Sampling plans indexed by LQ for Isolated lot inspection
  • ISO 2859-3 Skip lot Sampling Procedures
  • ISO 2859-4 Procedures for Assessment of Declared Quality Levels
  • ISO 2859-5 System of Sequential Sampling plans indexed by AQL for lot-by-lot inspection

Day 03

  • Introduction to ISO 3851
  • Descriptive statistics continuous laws
  • Origin of Gauss's law
  • The parameters of a Gaussian law
  • Use the Gauss model
  • Validate the normality hypothesis

Day 04

  • Descriptive statistics continuous laws - Deepening
  • Gaussian law parameters, additivity and confidence interval
  • Student's Law
  • Complements on normality analysis

Day 05

  • Control Plan by Sampling to Measurements
  • The principle of a measurement control plan
  • The ISO 3951 standard
  • The different types of sampling (method S and method s)
  • Performing a measurement check

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