Project Management Skills

About the Course

Name: Project Management Skills

Code: G-PM021

Sectors: Project & Contract Management

  Date   Days   Venue   Fees
18 - 22 Oct 2020 5 Abu Dhabi, UAE $3,950 BOOK NOW
15 - 19 Aug 2021 5 Live Online Classroom $1,450 BOOK NOW


In today’s competitive environment, organizations are trying to find a new approach to managing their different operations. By its very nature, the construction industry is contentious and filled with a wide variety of disputes. Even the best-managed project is likely to have one or more significant disputes which may imperil the successful completion of the project.


• Introduce participants to issues in project management with emphasis on project delivery, planning, schedule, monitoring, reporting and control strategies.

• An integrated approach is presented where the project is studied throughout its phase from early inception and feasibility analysis on schedule compression and acceleration strategies.

• Introduce various scheduling techniques including CPM with lead/lag constraints, and the coverage of resource allocation, and time-cost trade-off techniques. Special attention will be given to schedule updating, and the problems related to the integration of scheduling and cost control.

• The seminar will also cover issues related to management techniques for mitigating projects with compressed schedules. Helpful actions to be taken by the owner, contractor and subcontractors to alleviate the constraints prior to the acceleration will be described.

Training Methodology

The course includes different types of interactive techniques and exercises, such as:

  • Presentations by consultant and participants
  • Psychometric assessments.
  • The course also features the use of a number of group exercises and case studies
  • General discussions.


Day 01

  • Definition of Project Management
    • What is a project?
    • What is project management?
    • Relations with Other Management Disciplines
    • Project phases and project life cycles
    • Project stakeholders
    • Organizational influence
  • Project Management Processes
    • Project processes
    • Project groups
    • Process Interaction
    •  Customizing process interaction

Day 02

  • Project Integration Management
    •  Project plan development
    • Project plan execution
    • Overall change control
  • Project Time Management
    •  Activity definition
    • Activity sequencing
    • Activity duration estimating
    • Schedule development
    • Schedule control

Day 03

  • Project Cost Management
    • Resource planning
    • Cost estimating
    • Cost budgeting
    • Cost control
  • Project Leadership
    • Introduction to Project Leadership
    • Role of Project Manager as Organizational Leader
    • Begin Developing Leadership Development Plan
    • The Triple Constraint
    • Leadership Skills
    • Leadership vs. Management
    • Leadership Orientation
    • Management Styles
    • Leadership Self-Assessment

Day 04

    • Introduction to Primavera software ver. 6.0 professional REL 8.0/8.1 and the Project Management module and the Project Management Life Cycle
    • Navigating in the Project Management module
    • Creating a Project
    • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Adding Activities
    • Creating Relationships

Day 05

    • Scheduling
    •  Creating Activity Codes
    • Resource and Costs planning
    • Cost control
    • Optimizing the Project Plan
    • Baselining the Project Plan
    • Executing the Project Plan
    •  Analyzing the Updated Project

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